Top Website Design Trends in 2017

The Top Website Design Trends in 2017

The internet is a kinetic environment.  Trends are constantly changing, and what was in yesterday is obsolete today.  Back in the day, all you needed to have a strong website was some content and maybe a few pictures. Things are different now. In order to have an effective website for your company, there are a few “musts”. If you want the best of best, be sure to contact Hozio, a Long Island Web Design company. Make sure you are keeping up with the website evolution by considering these characteristics:


How’s Your Speed?

I just clicked onto your website. I’ve been here for over 3 seconds. Guess what? Now I’m bouncing. These days, no one is really going to wait any longer than that for your site to load. In fact, over 40% of internet consumers admit to abandoning a site if it takes more than 2 seconds to load. We live in an impatient time; everyone wants their information at the speed of light!  If you want your company to be successful, then you need your website to be up to speed. If your site loads slowly, you have potential clients leaving your site. Chances are, your search engine rankings are probably on the low side too. Which brings me to my next point…

SERP is the Word

You want your site to be on page 1 of the search engine results pages, or SERP.  What’s the difference between showing up on page 1 and showing up on page 13 of the top search engine on the planet?  Well, if you’re on page 13, chances are really good that no one is seeing your site at all.  The vast majority of online experiences begin at the search engine, in fact the statistics say it is now over 90% of internet users. 90%!  Search engine optimization is becoming not only smart, but imperative. It is in your best interest to make sure your site is equipped with the most effective SEO strategies there are. You want to be on page 1, and you want to get there the right way. Contact Hozio to help you get there. They are a NYC SEO company that knows the right way to do it.


Your Site: On the Go!

Remember when a phone was a thing that you had in your house that you dialed numbers on and used your voice to talk to other people?  Well those days are gone.  Nowadays a phone is basically a computer in the palm of your hand!  Welcome to the smartphone revolution!  

The majority of people use their phone for all of their internet needs.  And, over 20% of all search engine results are tracked from mobile devices.  Think about these statistics related to digital marketing.  Most people are doing their shopping on their phones, so what does that mean to your eCommerce website?  It has to be responsive to all mobile devices.  I need to be able to see a readable version of your website on an iPhone, a droid, a tablet, and all the versions of those devices that are offered.  If your company sells a product, or provides any kind of service, your website must be mobile responsive, period.

Do You Have an Active Social Life?

Your website’s social media presence is vital to its success and likeability.  Social Media seems to rule the world nowadays, so having your company’s website linked to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter is a smart move. Linking up to these sites increases your company’s visibility to the max and leaves digital footprints on the web. Not only that, your potential clients are bound to trust you a lot more if you have the exposure in the digital social circle. Integrating social media also allows your audience easy access to your brand, creating a positive relationship between your company and the rest of the internet.

Do You Need to Clean Up?

Think of your website as the living room of your company.  It is the place where everyone goes.  Now, when you are having company over, do you want your living room neat, organized, and visually appealing?  Or is it just fine by you to have it cluttered with laundry, dirty dishes, random dvds lying about? Your website needs to be the first example I mentioned. In the olden days (which is only 20 years ago), websites were bound to be filled with bells, whistles, pictures, links, and all that garish nonsense.  The website of today needs to be sleek, navigable, and user friendly.  No one wants to see your clutter.  Clean up your site! When a website is overwhelming to the eye it will be a major turn-off. Your web guests want to go to a site that is visually appealing and where all of the content is within easy reach of their fingertips. If you need website design nyc, contact us and you’ll get exactly what you want.

The team at Hozio knows that this is a lot of information to handle.  But don’t worry, we are here to help!  Give us a call today, and let us take a look at your site and see if it is up to speed with the rest of the internet!