It was not always this way.

When the first hotel was built in 1798, it was more of a hotel than a hotel.

And that was before hotels had been built in cities and before the word “hotel” was even in print.

Today, hotels are just the first step in a long, complex process to build a beautiful hotel.

Here are the top hotel design tips for the next five years.

Design a clean, contemporary look The hotel’s most important element, the interior, should be the most modern and contemporary, according to the Hotel Association of America.

The association says a hotel should be as close to its original setting as possible.

If the room is not a modernist or modernist-inspired design, it’s not a good one.

The first rule is, you don’t want to look like you’re in the early 1900s, said John Farr, the association’s executive vice president of marketing.

You want to be as modern as possible, but you don.

The second rule is look at your hotel and your guests, said Farr.

If you can’t, you can use the same modernist style you would use in the city, he said.

Modernist or futuristic design The most important rule is the look of the room, Farr said.

“Don’t use a ‘classic’ style,” he said, because “that’s not modern.”

The design should be contemporary.

Modernism is the way of the future, he added.

The style should be minimalistic, minimal, not to say tasteful, Farges said.

And don’t use colors that are “too bright,” he added, which is a big no-no in a hotel room.

“You don’t need to make your hotel look as if it’s in the 1960s,” he explained.

“It just needs to be a more timeless look.”

Modernism isn’t just a style, Farge said.

It’s a way of life.

Modern architecture should be elegant and modern, he explained, which can be done with modern materials, with modern lighting, and with modern furnishings.

Modern furniture should be functional and functionalist, FARR said.

The theme should be something you can easily see from the outside.

“If you can get your guests to do things that look like they can’t do them, you’re going to win,” he told us.

The hotel should have a pool, and “a place for everyone to sit,” he continued.

Modern and contemporary design is the best way to create a memorable experience for your guests.

“What makes a hotel unique, and what makes it unique in the industry, is the architecture,” he stressed.

And, of course, a unique room.

Modern hotel rooms are a must-have for any hotel.

A modern and modernist design helps you create a modern and futuristic look for your rooms.

That means a room with modern, modern, and modern designs, Ferras said.

There’s no wrong way to design a room, he stressed, but “the only way to do that is by following a modern, minimalist, and contemporary theme.”

Modern and modern design also comes with its own set of rules and regulations.

But Farr also emphasized the importance of having a design team that understands how to work together, and how to communicate that with your guests and their families.

For example, you have to create an image of the hotel that’s easy to communicate with them and easy to understand, Farrow said.

So you have a design that is visually easy to read, he told our hotel group.

But the rest of it is important, too.

“There’s a lot of room for interpretation,” Farr added.

“A room shouldn’t look like a wall, a wall should look like an open space.”

Make it a destination hotel The final step in your hotel design process is to create your own destination hotel.

The most common destination hotel theme is to use a theme that includes destinations that are on the coasts, he noted.

“The easiest way to have a destination is to have it in the ocean,” Fargens said.

But a lot more destinations are available in the continental United States, which makes it even more important to design your destination hotel for those destinations.

“This is one of the reasons that the ocean is a theme for a lot to a lot, and to have the right design for those places is really important,” he offered.

But even with the most popular destination hotels, there are a few rules that you can follow, Farrell said.

If it’s a beach resort, don’t make it too beachy.

You can use more of the ocean as an aesthetic, he advised.

The water is part of the theme.

And it should feel fresh, he encouraged.

If a hotel is going to have outdoor space, it should be able to accommodate that, Fair said.

You have to be flexible with the theme you’re building for.

“Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether the theme of

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