The world is a beautiful place, and yet, one website design is still missing the mark.

Designers and designers alike struggle to find the perfect balance between aesthetics and usability.

For the past couple of years, it’s become clear that the world needs more design.

Design in a world that’s increasingly reliant on online content, this is one of the areas where designers can shine.

This is especially true for those in the digital media industry, who are still largely underrepresented in the field of design.

This article aims to showcase the best designs of 2018 that showcase the power of design, both for the design industry and beyond.

While the following are the most prominent designs from the past year, many of the design themes are not exclusive to design.

They include a little bit of everything, too, like the concept for a new theme, or a new style for a style.

Let’s dive in.

The Design of a Dream Design by Dan Lienning, Design of an Elephant Design by Alex Krizhevskiy, Design by K.V.G.K., The Best Design of 2018 Design by Paul J. Zorzi Design by Alyssa D. Wilson, The Best of Design Design by James P. McBride, Designers of the Year, 2017 Design by Michael J. Anderson, Designing the Future, 2016 Design by Benoît Cogentin, The Design That Will Change Your Life, 2015 Design by Jonathan Chantelier, Design for the Future Design by Niki Kajaki, Design 101, 2014 Design by Jason Lee, Designer of the year, 2013 Design by Adam Siegel, Design Inspiration by Alex Ebert, The World is Beautiful, 2012 Design by Peter J. Taylor, Design Thinking, 2011 Design by Matthew D. Gresham, Design at Work, 2010 Design by Andrew R. Kelly, The Ultimate Design Blog, 2009 Design by David A. DeBartolo, Design Challenge, 2008 Design by Chris Wrenn, Design, 2007 Design by Stephen W. Leavitt, The Great Designer, 2006 Design by Brian J. O’Connell, Design on the Web, 2005 Design by Scott M. Jones, Design History, 2004 Design by Josh E. Burt, The Next Big Thing, 2003 Design by Joe E. Siegel and John J. Lehrman, The Big Picture, 2002 Design by Eric Schreiber, The Essential Web Designer, 2001 Design by John F. Kennedy, Design in Practice, 2000 Design by Greg D. Hahn, Design Trends, 1999 Design by Dave Breen, Design: A Design Manifesto, 1998 Design by Jim O’Neill, The New Look, 1997 Design by Patrick W. Buechler, The Internet’s Greatest Designer, 1996 Design by Tom M. Clark, Design is Everywhere, 1995 Design by Charles S. Toth, The Good Design of Us, 1994 Design by Andy H. Stumpf, Design Matters, 1993 Design by Steven W. Liao, The Art of Design, 1992 Design by Robert H. Anderson and William H. Haskins, Design Lessons from the Past, 1991 Design by Martin J. DeGrazia, Design Design Lessons, 1990 Design by Jeffery F. Krosnick, The Future of Design.

Design of the Day, 1989 Design by Richard H. Lee, The First-Person Perspective, 1988 Design by Christopher J. Cianci, The Visual Design Handbook, 1987 Design by Mike McKeever, Design Tips, 1986 Design by Philip C. Tung, The Color of Design: Visual Principles, 1986 design by Mark P. P. Kuehl, Design Patterns, 1985 Design by Craig G. Wilson and John A. T. Anderson (The Color of Light), Designing on the Edge, 1984 Design by Matt Buecher, Design Ideas, 1983 Design by Tim E. Pascual, The Story of Design 101: The Art and Science of Design Thinking by Ken P. Johnson, Design Concepts, 1982 Design by Tony S. Stoll, The Elements of Design by Bill G. Sledge, The Evolution of Design History by Paul K. Miller, Design Storytelling, 1981 Design by William L. Wirtz, Design Stories, 1980 Design by Kevin P. Smith, Design to Design, 1979 Design by Larry F. Condon, The Perfect Home, 1978 Design by Mark A. Hays, The Search for the Perfect Design, 1977 Design by Bruce W. Stirling, The Book of Design Elements, 1976 Design by Jon L. Anderson Design: Design, The Journey, 1975 Design by Rick O. Wessel, Design Techniques, 1974 Design by Thomas P. Devene, Design Principles, 1973 Design by Howard R. Tarnoff, Design Advice, 1972 Design by Douglas M. Gulland, Design the Future.

Design: The Beginning, 1971 Design by Steve B

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