The Next, the online retailer, has unveiled its “websites” design guidelines.

The website designers and developers at the company say they want the design of its website to be both inviting and informative.

“We’re not looking for a site that’s a one-stop shop, where the best of the best are found,” the company says in a blog post.

“We want to offer the same kind of quality and value that you find on other retailers.”

The site is being developed by two-time Emmy award winning designer Chris Mears.

His company is currently working on a website called “We Are Your People.”

“The goal of our design is to create an inviting, informative and entertaining website that offers people a choice of a variety of products,” the blog post explains.

“With a simple and easy to understand design and a focus on making the shopping experience as seamless as possible, we hope our design will be a source of pride for many shoppers.”

The company also notes that there are a lot of design guidelines out there, and the goal is to “embrace the trends and values of today’s Internet age.”

Here’s a list of some of the things the website designers are looking for in the design:”The focus is on creating a visually compelling experience that creates a sense of familiarity,” they wrote.

“While we can use a lot less ink and paper, we also want to ensure that our website is always as functional and user-friendly as possible.

We want to make it easy to navigate and to find what you’re looking for.

The design also focuses on keeping content as short as possible.”

Here are a few of the main things they want to emphasize:A variety of styles and materials are considered to make the design as appealing as possible to the eyes and ears.

They’re also focusing on the use of “small elements,” a concept that comes from a new technology that lets us easily create a digital product using just a few lines of code.

They also want their site to be aesthetically pleasing and “emphasize the connection between the user and the products.”

The design is available to download in the next few weeks.

You can see a full preview of the site in action below:

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