A new ranking by the Globe and Mail shows that the popularity of design websites is waning.

The top-rated website design was created by a young Toronto architect named Sam Fiske.

Fiskes website, called SmartyDesign, was designed to be both fun and efficient.

Fisskes website uses a mix of HTML5 and JavaScript to render websites in a way that’s fast, efficient, and fun.

Smarty’s design is the kind of design that you might use in an office cubicle.

Fits all the requirements for a smart home, and is responsive to both touch and mouse.

But the design isn’t designed to make you feel dumb.

Fisker Automotive, the company behind the car, says its design is designed to work with a variety of technologies, including touchscreen navigation, gesture control, voice recognition, and voice-activated navigation.

Fismkes website isn’t necessarily perfect, though.

Some elements of the website are simple.

For instance, the design looks like a computerized phone.

There’s a red circle in the middle of the screen, and it’s surrounded by a white circle.

But Fiskers design doesn’t have the same “paint on steel” aesthetic as many of the other websites on the list.

Smartylinks design also isn’t optimized for mobile devices.

But in the case of the car website, Fiskes design works well on desktop PCs and tablets.

And the designs are simple, so people won’t have to type in the exact URL or name of the app that they’re trying to visit.

But Smarty doesn’t do this for all websites.

It only shows the top 10 most popular designs, and doesn’t include the most popular websites that are designed specifically for smart homes, for instance.

The Globe and Mayors design score is a measure of how well a website is designed, but it isn’t a measurement of how good the design is.

And that’s a problem, because the most valuable information about a website’s design, the content, isn’t as important as the design itself.

Smartys website doesn’t really have any of that.

The most valuable piece of information, though, is the quality of the content.

Smartily’s content is beautiful and easy to read, Fiskel says.

And it’s designed with the idea of making you think about what you’re reading.

It’s a fun way to learn about how to use a smart device, Fischke says.

The design is also very clean.

You’ll see little text, but no pictures or graphics.

The website isn

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