‘Abandoned’ on ‘a dangerous route’: Man who abandoned his truck in a snowstorm has been found dead

A man who abandoned a truck in snowy conditions and went missing after it ran out of fuel is presumed dead, according to a coroner.

The man, identified only as “E.K.”, was found dead on Saturday morning in a remote part of the northern part of Denmark.

The truck had been abandoned after the driver became unresponsive at about 8am.

E.V. told the Norwegian news website NTB that he was on his way home from a business meeting when he noticed a truck travelling at high speed towards his home.

“I turned around to see the driver, a male in his late 20s, on the side of the road with his face towards me, with his hands in his pockets and his head tilted up and down,” E.

V told NTB.

“I tried to pull over and stop the vehicle, but I couldn’t do anything, because the vehicle was moving at such a fast pace.

I ran to get out of the way, but it wasn’t possible.”

E.C. said he then noticed a group of children riding on the back of the truck.

“The children ran up on top of the back, the truck started moving, the children were on top and then we saw the man sitting down and trying to put his hands into his pockets,” E.-K.

told NPT.

“It was very scary.

I couldn´t see his face, but there was a white shirt over his face.”

The truck drove for two kilometres before it came to a stop, E.C.-K.- said.

The police said E.K. was wearing a helmet and gloves, and that his driver had a valid licence.

The road was covered with snow at the time, and the truck had no licence plate, police said.

Police initially called E.D. and asked for help to locate the truck, but they did not receive any assistance, the police said in a statement.

“We are extremely grateful to all the people who assisted us and also to all those who have provided assistance to us,” the police statement said.

“A police officer is currently working to locate E.E., and we are looking for witnesses.

We will also provide additional support to E. E. should he ever reappear.”

Police are still investigating the circumstances of his death.

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