Designers are increasingly using software to help them make their own designs.

And they’re not the only ones using it.

In a new article for ABC News, design students from the University of Sydney explain how they use Photoshop to create the designs they’re proud of.

The university’s students have created a website called which uses an online design tool to create a hat that’s the perfect size and style for a man’s head.

“We’re actually trying to do something a bit similar to how people design hats,” said student Adam Smith, who designed the hat.

“There’s always something about hat design that’s really special to people and it can really help them express themselves in a way that’s very unique to them.”

So the hat itself can have a really great effect on someone.

“Mr Smith, whose real name is Daniel, was inspired to create his own design by his friend and business partner, Luke O’Reilly.”

I wanted something that would have a nice amount of personality, I wanted something very modern,” he said.”

It was kind of a personal thing.

“It took Mr Smith a while to find the right hat design, but he finally came up with the perfect hat design.”

When you look at a lot of hats, they tend to have a kind of shape that you could just easily say ‘this is a hat I want to wear’,” he said, describing it as “a classic shape”.”

But we just didn’t want that to be a hat.

We wanted it to be something that was really special and it was like ‘Oh I want that, I want this, I don’t want to be embarrassed about it.’

“Mr Smith said his hat had the same kind of personality as his own face, and he thought it would be a great hat to wear for an interview or a photo.”

To me, it’s just an extension of my personality,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.”

That’s what makes it unique and it’s very important to me that people like it.

“You know it’s kind of like the face of your head, you can’t hide it.”

It’s not just about style though, Mr Smith said.

He said his goal with the hat design was to inspire young people to “try new things”.

“I want to make sure that everyone can really express themselves and I think that’s something that’s important to do.”

He said he wanted his hat to be used to show off his own style.

“My hat was made by myself, so it’s got all my own features and I’m just trying to take that and add it to my other designs,” he added.

“The hats I’ve done before have all been for different events or other events, so I wanted to do a hat for something really special like a wedding or something that just goes with it.”

Mr O’Reary said he liked the hat to help people express themselves “so they don’t have to be afraid of being embarrassed or embarrassed about something”.

“It’s very easy to be ashamed when you see something that you don’t like,” he explained.

“People who do a lot are very proud and proud of their own style, so to be able to show that through something that is really unique to you is really cool.”

He also said he hoped the hat would inspire people to get out there and make new friends.

“If people do get into this stuff, it will definitely encourage people to come out to socialise, make new friendships and start to do more,” he wrote.


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