A few days ago I posted a list of the top 100 websites in Florida, with the top sites being the top five in the state.

Since then, I’ve been getting some questions about how the top 10 are different from the other sites on the list.

This post will provide a look at the top ten websites in the country, and what I consider to be the best in each state.

The list will include Florida, as well as the top 20 in the U.S., and the top 50 in each other state.

This list will be updated regularly.

The top 10 Florida sites are listed below, with their respective rankings.

Each website has been ranked in order of my personal favorite.

Top 10 Florida Sites In My Top 10 In Florida: 1. 

Florida Department of Agriculture, Food and Agricultural Marketing: “A wonderful place to shop, learn, and grow.”


The University of Florida: This website is full of information about the university and its history, and also includes links to the university’s archives.


Auburn University: The school has a great collection of educational materials.


Bermuda College: There are many opportunities to explore the island of Bermuda.


New Mexico State University: The school’s website is the perfect place to explore new ideas.


Lancaster University:  The website is excellent for the academic and career planning needs of faculty and students.


Miami University: The university’s website offers a variety of activities for students, and it has many other resources.


Southeastern Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge: LOUISVILLE, LA: (Louisville, Louisiana) (Southeastern),(Southeast),(Eastern) Southeast Louisiana State Univ.

(SLSU) Louisville – University of Louisiana-Lafayette (LASU)

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