The website design for the upcoming US presidential election is designed with a focus on the most salient parts of voters’ lives.

The site’s theme, “Who are we as Americans?” is used as a guidepost in an effort to connect with the electorate’s deepest, most primal impulses.

In fact, Trump himself has been using the theme to illustrate his appeal to his base.

“America First,” the slogan used in his campaign slogan, is an echo of the theme.

But a recent redesign by The Hill’s Design Center, an organization dedicated to the art and craft of website design, suggests a new approach.

Instead of using a slogan like “Make America Great Again,” the design team instead used a simple phrase: “Make American Great Again.”

The new design includes an image of a blue and white flag, with a black outline around it.

It’s an idea that the design centers on, and it is a nod to Trump’s slogan.

But it also points to a different kind of political message.

The new redesign is designed to make the “Make Great Again” slogan more accessible and accessible to Americans in all of its forms.

The red border around the flag is also replaced with a white outline, to remind the reader that Trump is not a politician.

The redesign also includes a simple but effective color palette that contrasts the blue and red.

The new design emphasizes the blue color, and is reminiscent of the way the campaign’s slogan was designed.

The logo is a mix of three different elements.

The first is a black circle that appears in the upper right corner of the logo.

It depicts the United States flag with a cross and the word “Make.”

The word “Trump” is also included, in the center of the circle.

This design is also used in a series of illustrations on the website, which are meant to help people make sense of the campaign slogan.

The illustrations show the slogan with its four-letter word, along with a blue-and-white outline of the flag.

The second element is a white circle that is used to represent a circle with an arrow pointing to it.

This circle, which looks like a red circle, is the same shape used to create the word, “Make,” as seen in the previous redesign.

The third element is the word that appears next to the circle in the logo, and which is the most visible element of the website design.

It is the letter “T,” which is in a circle shape with an orange outline around the edges.

The website design also uses a different font for the slogan.

Instead, it uses a monospace font.

The word appears on the upper left corner of a white text box.

It is important to note that the campaign did not take away the use of a black background for the website logo.

The design team chose to emphasize the “Trump.”

It also included a black text box around the logo to remind people of the slogan’s intent.

The campaign says that the slogan will be used for both official and unofficial messaging during the election.

But in addition to highlighting the slogan, the redesign also incorporates elements of the candidate’s personal story and campaign.

The red border that was originally used for the “Making America Great” slogan is replaced with an image that portrays Trump with the words “Make it Great Again, Trump.”

The red outline around this image is an indication of Trump’s use of the phrase “Make It Great Again.”

It is also an illustration that is meant to convey a message to those voters who voted for Trump that they are not just voting for a political candidate, but also a person.

The redesign includes a yellow border around this circle.

The slogan, in its current form, was designed to be the primary focal point for the campaign, with the emphasis being on the word Make.

But the design changes the slogan to reflect the message that Trump wants to convey.

Trump and his supporters have used the slogan as a rallying cry during the campaign.

It resonated with many of his supporters.

But that didn’t necessarily translate to the voting base.

In fact, there was a spike in voting for Trump during the Republican primaries in Iowa, South Carolina, Nevada and Florida.

Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, said in an interview with CNN that the surge in support was due to voters seeing “the message of the Donald.”

But that message is more important now than ever.

The website redesign also takes into account that the presidential election has become a political battle, and that it has become more difficult for Democrats to win the White House in 2020.

The campaign also hopes to appeal to those who might not have been as involved in the campaign as the general election.

For example, the design emphasizes that the site is designed for people who are not political voters.

And while Trump’s message is now focused on his supporters, the campaign is also trying to give a voice to those not politically engaged.

“Make America great again is not only a political slogan, but it is also a story,”

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