How to create a site header that works on all platforms, from mobile devices to desktop?

And how to make it look great on the new iPad Pro?

Here’s how to do it. 1.

How to set up a responsive design in a responsive layout with a simple drag and drop interface for iPad users and mobile users alike.


How best to use CSS to get the most out of responsive design on mobile.


How can you add some more dimension to your website header with a drag and Drop tool.


How does a responsive header look like on the iPad Pro and iPhone X?


How do you know when you’ve reached a good responsive design solution?


How should you use a drag-and-drop tool to set the layout for a responsive website?


How important is a responsive element to your content?


What does a ‘responsive’ website header look and feel like?


What is the difference between a responsive and traditional website header?


How responsive is a mobile site?


How long does it take to get a responsive site header done?


How is a ‘traditional’ website or blog layout for mobile?


How often should a responsive project be done?


How are responsive design tips helpful?


What are the pros and cons of using a drag & drop tool to make a responsive web design?


What happens if you add a ‘mobile friendly’ element?


What’s the difference in how responsive design works on iPad Pro, iPhone X and the iPad mini?


How much does a drag&drop project cost?


How many responsive elements can you drag-drop in a project?


How fast can you go when you drag&click?


How big can a drag drop project be?


How good is your site for responsive design?


What tools are you using to create responsive sites?

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