A few months ago, I posted a tutorial on how to make a website interactive for young people and adults.

I shared a few ideas on how you could use the website as a place to share a story, share information, and have fun.

I also shared how you can use the web to educate children and adults about their favourite topics. 

In a recent blog post, the founder of the website design company ChaiBri, Rachel Dickson, shared her thoughts on the blog post and suggested that you could do the same with your website design.

Here are some tips that I thought would be of benefit to anyone designing websites for children and families.

    Create a site for children’s websites  Rachel Dickson’s post on creating a child-friendly website is an interesting read.

It contains tips and tricks on creating an online child-safe site for parents and kids.

I thought it was a great post and thought I’d share my thoughts on it with you.

      You can create a child’s website using the same basic templates you would use for any adult website.

You can create the site from scratch or modify the template to fit your child’s needs.

The best thing is that the template will be fully editable so you can make the layout as child-specific as you want. 

Rachel Denton explains that there are a number of child-oriented templates available for you to use.

Here’s a sample template that includes a menu, a list of games and other elements for the child’s experience. 

You’ll also need to include a few basic content elements for your website for your child.

For example, a contact form and an email address.

The template includes these elements for children ages 1 to 6. 

The next step is to figure out how your children will be able to access the site.

For this, Rachel suggests you add a button on the homepage that will allow them to search for information on your site.

Rachel also suggests creating a contact page on your website. 

Finally, she suggests you include a section called My Site that shows your child the site and asks them to share their favourite things on it. 

There are a lot of different ways to use the template, but Rachel suggests a few to keep in mind: · Make sure your children are using a compatible browser;

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