NEW YORK — The new Minnesota Vikings website design, which has taken more than a year to develop, was designed by New York City-based design studio MOKA, which also designed the original website in Minneapolis.

The design is a nod to the team’s recent championship win over the Detroit Lions, with the team logo and logo of the Minnesota Vikings in a grid pattern that resembles a diamond shape.

The design has drawn praise from Minnesota’s team, as well as fans, who have been waiting for this day since Minnesota beat the Detroit franchise in a game that was considered one of the greatest in NFL history.

The logo was created by the Minneapolis firm of Wieden+Kennedy, which specializes in sports logos.

The new logo has also been a big hit among Vikings fans.

It has already been downloaded more than 8 million times and is now the second most popular Minnesota Vikings logo after the original logo, according to analytics company NetFlix.

MOKA’s logo, the first design of its kind, is the result of two years of design work and is an homage to the Vikings.

“It’s a homage to our team,” said Tom Koo, senior vice president and general manager of MOKD, a design firm in New York.

“It’s just a really good homage to Minnesota.”

The new design was created to better reflect the team on the field.

The new logo uses a diamond grid design, similar to the current Minnesota Vikings home and road jerseys.

“We wanted to have a visual representation of the team, so it had to have elements of Minnesota and the Vikings,” said Koo.

“This is a really cool and original design.”

The design team also worked with the NFL on the logo, which was a design change that will be implemented in a few months, Koo said.

The team, which plays its home games at TCF Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, had already received a design scorecard from the league.

The NFL awarded the Vikings the logo because of the impact it has had on the community and because the team has a long history of creating quality, unique and memorable logo designs.

“The design was built on the foundation of what the Vikings have done over the years,” said MOKC chief marketing officer Mike DeBoer.

“They have been successful with their branding.

And the fans have always been loyal to the franchise.

This is a brand that has been around for a long time.”

The team will be unveiling the new logo on Monday, July 27, the day before the Vikings play the Buffalo Bills.

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