The Associated Press | dallas (AP) A contractor’s strike can mean the difference between life and death.

A contract is usually terminated when a worker or an employee is injured, but sometimes it doesn’t even matter if it is.

There is a big difference between being injured and being killed.

Here are some facts about contracting.

The contractor is not a workerThe worker is not an employeeThe contractor is not the employerThe contract is the employer’s responsibilityThe contract can be terminated by the employerIf the contractor has a strikeThe contractor can go on strikeThe contract cannot be terminatedThe contractor will not go on the jobThe contractor must meet their work commitmentsThe contractor’s work will not be done on timeThe contract must be completed within 30 daysAfter the contract is terminated, the contractor must give their employer a notice of termination, or the contract can not be terminated.

The contractor may not be paid.

The company can also terminate the contractThe company must pay the worker or the employee an amount equal to the full amount of their wages.

The worker or employee is eligible for unemployment benefits if they are laid off or lose their job.

The strike must be over within 30 calendar daysIf a contract is not completed within the 30-day period, the contract cannot go forward.

The union is representing the workers.

If you are a contractor and you are out of work, the union is asking you to come to work.

The workers must go back to work if they want to.

The workers have an obligation to work or have their hours reduced.

If the strike is over, the employer has the right to lay off the worker if they can show the contract was invalidated.

If a strike is still going on, it can be very hard to keep up with the contractions.

You may not know what is happening because you are in a state of shock.

Contractors may not go back on the jobs unless they have a contract in place.

If the contract isn’t signed and the contractor is out of a job, they are required to pay the injured worker.

Workers and employees are eligible for benefits if the contract does not have a termination date.

Contracts may not have to be terminated, but they may not resume work until they have been paid the full contract amount.

If you are the contractor, you should keep an eye on your contract and contract to see if there are any other notices.

The most important thing is to get out of the situation and get to work and get back to your job, said Angela Aiken, a senior associate with the firm Deloitte, which helps companies with contract negotiations.

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