The Austin-based website designer known as “The Aesthetic” created an online art gallery dedicated to the city’s art scene in a series of “Artless” projects that include an installation of work by local artist James M. Doolittle in downtown Austin, and a gallery of works by local artists.

“Aesthetic” has been working with artists in Austin for over 10 years, according to their website, and has been featured in numerous publications including ArtNews, the Austin Chronicle, Austin Life, the Aesthetic, and more.

The Artless project has garnered much attention in recent years, with the Austin City Council approving it in 2016, and the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport opening its first Artless installation in 2017.

In 2018, Austin hosted the inaugural Artless Exhibition, featuring work from local artists from across the city.

“The Arties” are also a regular on the Austin Film Festival, where they performed at SXSW and presented at SXDQ.

Artless is a project of the Austin Art Museum, which has been collaborating with local artists to create exhibitions for the last decade, and also hosts a number of programs featuring art and photography curated by local Austin artists.

“I have been thinking about the city for many years and seeing it grow,” said Aesthetic director of exhibitions and exhibitions, Lisa Johnson.

“This exhibition is an opportunity for me to bring art and people together.

It is an artistic experience that will be shared with as many people as possible.”

For more information on “Arties,” visit the Arties website and Instagram account.

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