Reuters A new design for Google+ has been announced by the search giant.

The company says it is revamping the search engine’s look to better reflect the site’s modernity and relevance. 

A redesign will begin this week and will include new features such as a redesigned profile page, a redesigned home page and a redesigned search page, according to a blog post on Google’s Google+ blog. 

“We’re updating Google+ to better meet our users’ needs and to make it even more relevant and compelling,” the blog post said.

“This is a massive task, but we are committed to delivering the best experience on Google+ every day.”

Google+ recently began introducing a new search feature, Google Search, to give users a way to find and interact with content on Google+.

The company has been working on a new look for the site since 2016, when it first launched the new look.

Google+ users have expressed frustration at the lack of new design, especially since the redesign was announced in June.

“It feels like there’s just a new version of Google+ for the web, not the one Google+ itself is making,” one Google user wrote.

“I don’t like the redesign, it feels a bit stale.

It feels so familiar.

It’s not really the way Google+ was designed.”

Google+ is the world’s largest social network, and its new look is expected to increase user engagement and popularity.

The redesign will take the page views for Google+, which has a user base of over 25 billion, up to around 10 million, the blog said.

The blog also said the redesign would make it easier for users to find what they want and provide more choices for them.

Google’s new redesign is part of a wider change to Google’s product offering, which has seen Google launch new products in the past year, including a revamped Google+ app, a new Google Maps app and a new social media app.

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