Weebly CEO and cofounder Matt Weinberger is getting a $100 million investment from Facebook and Twitter to help the company build its business and grow its user base.

The investment comes as Weinberger has been working with the companies in his bid to become a bigger force in the online advertising space.

Weeblu is currently valued at $8.6 billion, according to Bloomberg.

Weber said the new investment is part of a broader effort to help drive the growth of the company’s business and increase its user numbers.

We have spent the last few months working with our investors to expand our reach, including the ability to bring more than 100 million active users into Weeblys platform, which is expected to grow to more than 300 million users by 2019, Weinberger said in a statement.

Webb said that Facebook and Facebook Messenger are among the companies that have signed on as investors, along with Zynga, Salesforce and eBay.

Webb also said that the investors have committed to the Weeblius platform, and are actively looking for more partners to help bring the platform to market.

“We are extremely excited about the future we are creating with Weebli,” Weinberger added.

“Weebli is the first platform to truly take advantage of the power of the Internet, to connect the millions of people who love to interact, create and share content with each other, and to have the ability and reach to create a more connected world.”

Weeblu announced a partnership with Yahoo!

in September that has seen it become the largest online video company.

The company has more than 30 million users, according Google analytics, but it has struggled to keep up with growth in other areas such as ad revenue.

Weiblu also launched a mobile app called Weeblite in February.

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