What the art world needs to know about how a new generation of designers is making their mark on the art of design

Designers and their products have always been a part of the creative process, and today the art scene is taking notice.

While art museums have been celebrating their first exhibitions, artists are turning their gaze to the industry’s future.

This article explores the new generation, and what they’re bringing to the table.

Designers and artists have always had a unique perspective on the world, says Sarah Henson, co-founder of the nonprofit Designing with Creativity.

“They have a deep appreciation for how creative people can do things differently, and they understand the value of the art form,” she says.

Henson started the nonprofit in 2014 to bring together art, design, and film students who were interested in pursuing the field of creative writing.

The organization now has more than 500 members, and has launched programs in Los Angeles, Boston, and Washington, D.C.

The new generation has created a diverse group of talent, Henson says, and many of them are making their debut in the industry.

Artists who graduated from art schools, for example, are often able to break into the field with a variety of media.

They’re using the internet and social media to connect with fans and clients.

They’ve also begun to explore other media, including the art and media of fashion.

“The new artists we see, they’re creating a whole new genre,” Henson said.

“We’re seeing new artists create new forms of media and new media to create a whole other level of creativity.”

Designers like Henson are also working to make their work accessible to a wider audience.

“The artists are not afraid to make the art accessible to other people,” Hinson said.

This means creating spaces for them to be seen and discussed online.

Artists can also explore topics in their art that aren’t necessarily covered by the media, such as how to incorporate art into other projects.

Artists like Hensons work has often been a reaction to the digital age.

“Art has always been very individualistic, and people have tried to figure out what art was,” Henson said.

She adds that it was a chance for the artist to try to connect directly with the audience.

“Artists and artists can really work together in an intimate way and really understand each other,” she said.

Henson believes this collaboration will continue to evolve as artists explore new ways to create.

The artists Henson has worked with are all in their 20s and 30s, and most of them were artists before entering the industry, Hensondes work indicates.

These are the artists who are able to reach a wider group of people and get the kind of feedback that designers are seeking.

Designing with creativity is a new medium for many designers to explore, Hennesons work suggests.

“There’s always been this desire to create and create with an idea in mind, but in a way that feels authentic and authentic, and feels like you’re making art,” she explained.

“I think that’s a really powerful concept.”

Henson has noticed a shift in the way designers approach the process of creating art.

“It’s very different now than it used to be, when I was a kid,” she told Fortune.

“Now I just think, ‘I’m going to try this thing I want to do and see what happens.'”

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