When You Don’t Know Who Is In Your Facebook Feed, Take It To the Grave: How to Identify Fake News

When I was working as a social media strategist, I was trying to figure out which websites were the best at getting clicks on my blog posts.

I would look for any of my own blog posts that were shared more than 2,000 times and find out if any of them were fake.

If it wasn’t, I would quickly delete the post and get back to work.

But when I was testing the effectiveness of Facebook ads in the blogosphere, I found out that they weren’t as effective.

Advertisers spend a lot of money on the ads on Facebook, and I was getting paid to test them.

I was also getting paid by a lot more companies to write about Facebook ads.

This led to a lot fewer clicks on the ad.

So I decided to do something about it.

I started writing articles on Facebook ads and noticed that many of my articles were about fake Facebook ads, and it was becoming more and more difficult to find reputable sites that weren’t being run by a bunch of shady guys with fake Facebook profiles.

So, after a few months, I decided that I would start a blog to track all the Facebook ads that I was seeing and analyze them, too.

The following month, I started to receive more and better quality posts from advertisers on my site.

My posts were consistently updated with more and other more reputable posts from sites that had been running ads for a while.

I thought I had figured it out.

The first thing I noticed was that all of my posts were from the same Facebook page, which was surprising because the site’s Facebook ad-tracking software didn’t show the fake page.

I then noticed that the fake pages were often the same pages as the posts that I had created, with some of them even having the same names as the original posts.

That’s when I knew it was time to create a fake page to try and catch fake posts before they started.

But I also realized that there were some other ways that I could try to get my articles to get more views on Facebook than I was going to.

I knew that if I created a fake Facebook page with the same name as a post, then it would get more shares than a real page, so I was definitely going to have to do some serious tweaking to get articles that I liked to get as many likes as possible on Facebook.

I also noticed that some of the fake Facebook pages were created by people with the exact same email address, so it was possible that some fake posts were being sent out from people with this same email.

As a result, I began looking at other ways to get the fake posts to get shared as well.

The idea was to use my name as the first and last name of the person who submitted the post.

I decided on the name, because I knew people who had similar names to mine would see them.

This way, I could get people to see my name and know that I created something.

I used my own name for the first post, and then I used the person’s name as my name on the second and third posts.

When the fake post got shared, I emailed them using my real name, so they would know that the person submitting the post is me.

Then I created two more fake posts that had the same content and that was the only way to get them to share the fake article.

Then, on my fourth post, I created another fake article, but this one had the content from the first two posts.

The last two posts were sent out to a small number of people and I had no idea if they shared the posts or not.

But by the time I had tested them, I realized that they were the same article, so that meant that they could easily be fake.

After I sent out the first fake post, it was shared almost instantly by hundreds of people, with about 200 likes.

At this point, I figured that if there were only two people who were sharing the fake articles, that meant there was at least one person out there who could fake an article that I wrote, too, and that meant I needed to figure it out and start writing about it on my own.

The second step in this process was to create more fake pages.

After creating the first one, I took a look at the page that was submitted.

I noticed that most of the people who submitted it had the exact exact same name and email address.

So it was very clear that the page had been submitted by a single person.

After checking the posts and reading the comments on the posts, I concluded that it had been made by the same person, but I was still unsure of who the person was.

I went back to the page and checked the names of the four people who created the page, and they were all the same, with the only difference being that they all had the email address that they had used for their previous Facebook page.

So that was a

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