A US-based design company is shutting down in the country after it failed to comply with a court order to remove content.

KeyPoint -The site, called AmericanDesigner, was not registered in IndiaThe site was registered in a US state, but was not required to be registered in the state where the business was basedThe company was not properly registered with the Indian government as it did not meet certain requirements.

It was forced to shut down by a court on Tuesday.

The company, called AAD, was a company started in 2008.

The US-headquartered company was registered by the US government as a “business services” entity in New York, but the business never made it to the US, according to court documents filed in the New York State Supreme Court.AAD had claimed it did so in order to create a business for Indian entrepreneurs.

The court rejected the claim, however.”AAD’s failure to comply is an infringement on its constitutional right to operate as a business in the State of New York,” the court said.

The court has ordered the company to remove all content that it had uploaded to its website and also to pay the US$2,000 ($2,750) penalty for failing to register.

The Indian government has also directed the US-owned company to pay $10,000.

“We’re very disappointed,” said Shri Ravi Shankar, general manager of the New Delhi-based Design Bureau of Design and Artwork.

“They’ve taken down our website.

We’ve had two attempts to get it back online.

We’re not satisfied with the process.

It’s not in our interest.

It will take us a long time to get the site back up again.”

Shankar said he has not heard from the American design company since November but had already filed a complaint with the US embassy in New Delhi.

“It’s not the first time we’ve had a similar situation with American design,” Shankar said.

“In the past, the US has also taken down sites.

The last time we had a complaint was three years ago.

But now it’s a permanent shutdown.”

India has been one of the most vocal critics of the Trump administration, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi criticising the US president for failing a court ordered the removal of content.

The government has recently started blocking foreign websites that violate Indian laws, and a US court recently blocked a site that posted anti-Trump content.

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