‘We want to see it’: Adidas, Nike want ‘world’s best’ logo for 2018

ESPN Crikey’s Aaron Wilson explains why the Nike+ logo is a great fit for the brand, but it’s also an issue that can’t be overlooked in this year’s new year.1.

The brand is taking a more inclusive approach to its designs.

The Nike+ ad is designed for a female audience and shows a woman walking down the street wearing a Nike+ shoes and an Adidas+ jacket, in contrast to the usual men’s adverts. 

The brand says the ad was developed around a “we’re a group of young people who want to feel like they’re a part of something bigger” message.2.

Nike+ is the first ad to use the ‘We Want to See It’ branding.

Adidas+ has a long history of using the phrase, which was first used by ad agency and footwear brand Adidas in 2009.


It’s the first time the ad has been seen on-screen in the UK.

It’s an odd choice given that Nike+ already has the ‘World’s Best’ logo in its name.4.

It will be a lot of fun to watch the ad, as the Nike and Adidas+ branding is a natural fit for Adidas. 


Nike is using the Nike logo to market its shoes to younger users.

A recent report in The Times revealed that Nike was spending an extra £100 million on marketing to kids in the US. 6.

It also marks the first Nike+ commercial to be seen in a UK market, although this is a move that is not without controversy.


Nike has been using the ‘worlds best’ branding since 2009, so this is the latest ad that has seen the Nike brand evolve to take advantage of its global brand ambassador status.8.

The ad will also give Nike some extra publicity.

Nike+ is not the only brand trying to use a ‘we’re not here for you’ branding for 2018.


The Nike+ brand has had a few memorable marketing campaigns.


It has been branded ‘the best ad ever’.

Read more about ad design from The Times.

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