Weblog design software designer Simon Mokanjara has created an innovative design for the logo for a US office building, where the logo should be the same as the one on the building’s website.

The logo, which is called Weblog, is a single-letter logo that can be changed in real time to match any website, with a click on a button. 

The logo was created by Mokandaras designer, who previously worked on Microsoft’s Office branding, and his team have been asked to create a custom logo for the site of a major US corporation, such as a big corporation. 

“It’s not a new design, but we’ve got a real unique way to create something that looks good for the company,” said Mokaranas creative director, Paul Kallstrom. 

Mokandaranas team, which includes the visual effects and digital effects artists, designed the logo in Adobe Illustrator, and they have also worked with other logo designers and designers. 

They worked on the logo, a single colour, using a combination of black and white. 

One of the most popular online services, the Office 365 cloud-based platform, uses the logo to create unique user interfaces for the organisation. 

It was created using the logo design tool, Adobe Photoshop, which has been used in previous versions of Office. 

On the website, the logo is a two-tone shade of grey and white, and a white space between the logo and the main colour.

The white space, which can be used as an image, text, or button, is designed to be a place where users can click on the button to open a menu, to find information, or to enter data. 

When a user clicks on the “Home” button, the browser window opens, and the menu is shown.

The menu is a list of options that include, “Show me my email”, “Search for a product or service”, “Add a product”, “Show all products” and “Save your favourite”. 

A new version of the website also uses the same logo as the office building’s logo, but the team has decided to use a different font, a black and gold colour scheme. 

 The design, called WeBlog, is inspired by the work of designer Steve Jobs, who used the same font to create the logo of the company that he founded, Apple. 

Steve Jobs, left, and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in 1999. 

There is a similar design for Google’s Google Glass device, which was first introduced in 2016. 

Google, in partnership with Microsoft, is planning to launch its own smart wearable product in 2021. 

If you are interested in learning more about designing websites, visit our Designing Websites blog.

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