The Chicago logo is one of the most iconic designs on the city’s skyline.

Its design is also often used in advertisements, advertising campaigns and corporate branding.

It’s a logo that is often used on the cover of magazines and newspaper articles, and it’s even used on a few books, including the new book, What to Do if Your Company Wants to Change Its Logo.

In fact, the Chicago logo was the first logo to be trademarked in the United States by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and the Chicago Board of Trade used it in the company logo in 1919.

But there are still plenty of other Chicago logos out there that you can change up.

Here are 10 others you might want to check out.

The city’s iconic logo has changed over time.

The city’s original logo was based on the American flag.

Its modern version is based on a red circle, surrounded by a white circle.

(The modern version has been renamed the City of Chicago)Chicago has an entire city in its name.

But the city itself is only one of many cities in the U!

The rest of the city is a part of Illinois, as are other states, such as Indiana, Michigan, New York, and Wisconsin.

(It’s worth noting that Illinois is a state and not a country.)

Chicago has a logo from the city of Wrigleyville, which is located in the heart of the Wrigleys neighborhood.

The logo is designed in the city with a wide range of color schemes.

The Wrigles are famous for being the home of the Cubs.

Chicago has another famous logo.

It is a red square, with a circle surrounded by blue.

The Chicago Bulls are often depicted on the logo.

Chicago also has a yellow, green and orange symbol.

In addition, Chicago has a red, blue and yellow shield symbol.

Chicago’s other famous city seal is a small black star with a white cross on top of it.

(Source: Wriglyville, Illinois)Chicago also boasts a blue circle with a small white circle in the center.

The blue circle is surrounded by black.

(Wrigleyvillenice, Illinois )The logo is used in many ways, and there are a lot of other ways to use it.

For example, you can put it on your website or even your logo if you want to incorporate the logo into your design.

You can also use it as a logo for a new company, and you can use it on advertising materials.

(For more on how to use a logo, read The 6 Most Common Ways to Use a Logo .)

Another interesting Chicago-related logo you might be interested in is the Chicago-based firm called The Chicago Office.

The firm has a long history of designing logos, and has produced many of them over the years.

They specialize in design and marketing.

(You can find out more about The Chicago office in this article .)

Chicago has its own logo that features a white triangle with a yellow border.

(Chicago Office)Chicago’s logo features a circular white triangle surrounded by green, red and yellow colors.

(A Chicago Office)A Chicago logo featuring a red triangle with green, yellow and blue squares.

(This Chicago Office logo is a Chicago-centric design.)

Chicago also uses its own flag on its official website.

It was created by Chicago-area resident Ed Hoeffel.

(Hoeffle, Illinois.)

Chicago is also known for its “C” logo, which has become synonymous with the city.

The symbol is based in the shape of a C and is usually used in logos.

(C is the official state seal for the state of Illinois.)

The Chicago Office is also famous for its logo designs.

Its logo design is based heavily on the Chicago flag.

(Via the Chicago Office website)

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